Things to Bring to LDRS 35!

With two months to go, it time to finalize plans for LDRS!

Everyone seems to remember to bring their rockets and motors. IF you don’t, we will have vendors on the lakebed.

There will also be a food vendor at LDRS.

Most things you should plan to bring with you to minimize the trips into town.

Definitely consider what you need, and include:
Water–three times as much as you think you could possibly drink. Then drink it!
SUN BLOCK–yes, high-SPF sunblock, not just tanning products. The sun is very strong!
Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes–it gets dusty!
Summer weight clothing. It can range between the high 80s to a bit over 100° in June.
A large quantity of drinking water.
A sweater or light jacket–the evenings and the mornings on the lakebed can be cool.
A good first aid kit.
Any medication you will need.
A portable FM radio and spare batteries for local news, weather, and LCO announcements.
A good flashlight/lantern–the only light on the lakebed is what you bring.
A shade structure,so you can get away from the VERY STRONG UV we expect in June.
Smart phone to upload photos and videos ( #LDRS35 ). All major carriers seem to work fine.

Last, but far from least–a large quantity of drinking water. This really is important, and should be taken seriously! Even those of us who live here and are acclimated to the heat and low humidity are very careful to ensure we stay hydrated and protected from sun exposure.

If you forget something, the Lucerne Market is only a few minutes from the lakebed. They sell groceries, ice, hardware, and even a few rocket kits and motors. Their deli has great food and great air conditioning!